Most powerful bullet vibrators guaranteed to give you a real buzz.


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May 29, 2023

Most powerful bullet vibrators guaranteed to give you a real buzz.

This article contains affiliate links. We will earn a small commission on

This article contains affiliate links. We will earn a small commission on purchases made through one of these links but this never influences our experts’ opinions. Products are tested and reviewed independently of commercial initiatives.

The bullet vibrator is the perfect entry-level vibe.

Affordable and targeted towards clitoral stimulation, the concept is simple and effective – it's no wonder it's become a sex toy staple.

These are our favourite bullet vibrators on the market, to suit all needs – and budgets.

What more can we say? You’re welcome.

The clue is in the name – bullet vibrators are compact sex toys that are shaped like a bullet, or similar, designed for external stimulation of popular erogenous zones, usually the clitoris, labia, perineum, and nipples.

Their beauty lies in their simplicity – compact, easy-to-use and with one distinct purpose, they’re one of the most popular sex toys on the market. ‘The small size and pinpoint accuracy of bullet vibrators make them an excellent choice for clitoral stimulation during solo play or with a partner,’ explains Eleonora McLeod, a board-certified clinical sexologist.

‘Bullet vibrators are often recommended for beginners who are new to using sex toys. Their small size and simple design make them easy to use and less intimidating than larger, more complex toys.’

Not all bullet vibes are created equal, with some boasting additional features such as a feathered tip, intense vibration modes and unusual shapes for extra aesthetic appeal (we’re looking at you and The Petit Eifel mini vibrator, Frenchie).

Key brands from Lovehoney and LELO to Ann Summers have their own variations, and there are also some impressive offerings from more niche brands like Smile Makers and Dom Pom.

And, as it turns out, using a bullet vibrator is pretty good for our overall health. Dr Hana Patel, GP specialist in women's health and a GP Expert Witness explains, ‘Current evidence shows that vibration stimulation leads to increased sexual desire and positively affects sexual function. A bullet vibrator is small, and can be used for direct, pinpoint clitoral stimulation to achieve this effectively.’

This aesthetically pleasing sex toy takes its namesake and design inspiration from the Eifel Tower, with a pinpoint flutter tip for targeted clitoral stimulation. Available in powder blue and pink, it's proved a big hit with customers, who praise its powerful performance. The Petit Eifel has seven modes and is made from super soft silicone for added pleasure.

What do users say?

One satisfied fan wrote on the brand's website: ‘They say good things come in small packages & i am now a firm believer. Blown away.’

While another said: ‘This packs a punch for such a small package. Also RANGE – It's easy to use and there are so many different ways you can use it! That has always been my favourite thing about frenchie… they always keep it unique. I LOVE LOVE LOVE. The petit Eiffel has of course become a core part of my self care/night routine.’

Buy it for £49 from Get Frenchie.

This classic waterproof vibrator offers powerful vibrations with a sleek and smooth design, with eight different types of vibrations to help users reach dizzy heights of pleasure. The longer design allows for an easy grip, for a more comfortable and controlled self-love experience.

What do users say?

‘Purchased this as an upgrade from a cheaper bullet. Well worth the purchase. Good value for money and the design is great. The silicon handle is comfortable and avoids getting any aching hands. Would recommend this to anyone seeking more variation is settings, as this has lots of them!’ said one Tango X enthusiast on the brand's website.

While another said: ‘Great little vibrator has strong vibrating modes that always get a mind blowing result.’

Buy it for £79 from We-Vibe.

This attractive vibrator may have a more premium price point, but the glowing reviews speak for themselves. The USP is that this vibe is soft and flexible enough to conform to your body – and your hip movements – with earth-shatteringly powerful results.

What do users say?

Shoppers were super impressed with this product, with one writing on the Dame website: ‘I of course really appreciate that this handy device can do its job with lots of options for variety! But what is also so awesome is that it is quiet, low hassle, soft and aesthetically pleasing, and super easy charging. Way to go A++ on all the categories, Dame! I am not sure I have ever been so satisfied with any purchase before.’

While another commented: ‘This is an incredible product that has an amazing battery life, is easily charged, and maximizes comfort. If you are looking for something small and quiet but efficient I recommend this product!’

Buy it for £86 from Feel Unique.

This sleek silicone bullet vibe has an incredible 20 functions to suit a huge range of sensitivity requirements, making it a great bullet vibrator to experiment with. A classic shape and size, it's a traditional choice that's perfect for beginners. Plus it's fully USB chargeable and completely waterproof.

What do users say?

On the Lovehoney website, one user wrote: ‘This little thing packs a punch! Works great for solo play or with a partner. Love the multiple speeds and vibration patterns. Shape fits well within the hands. Beautiful satin finish.’

While another said: ‘Was looking on this site for an affordable vibrator with intense vibrations. This is it. Used both by myself and with a partner, this is the perfect little toy you can use anytime. It lasts a while before charging again and its sleek design is ideal to use for anything. The vibrations get intense! And oooooh those patterns…’

Buy it for £32.99 from Lovehoney.

This super affordable vibrator is also one of the most iconic, with three intensity levels to choose from to hit new heights of pleasure. A variation on the brand's original bullet, this new (and we’d say improved) version has a tapered tip for more targeted clitoral stimulation.

What do users say?

‘This is a great item to have anywhere you go. It's small and compact, but packs a punch and can certainly get you to a climax,’ wrote one bullet fan on the Ann Summers website.

While another commented: ‘This is one of the best little vibrators I have purchased. Not too loud and super powerful. Really handy, only required one battery and they last very long. Even the first speed is incredible and efficient, I find I rarely even have to bump up to the higher speeds!’

Buy it for £12 from Ann Summers.

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One of the big plus sides to this nifty little vibrator is the ‘fins’ that sit on the rounded head. While small in size, they really do ramp up the enjoyment by increasing clitoral stimulation with more texture. It offers three speeds and one pulsation mode for maximum pleasure.

What do users say?

One shopper wrote on the brand's website: ‘This little guy is perfect for traveling. I use it by itself or along with the romantic. The perfect pairing.’

While another happy customer said: ‘Very nice material and not scary looking like so many toys of this type can be. A present for my wife and she played with it straight away and absolutely loved it. Before long she was very much in the mood for playing with me too so everybody was a winner! Thank you for such an awesome product which has benefited us both.’

Buy it for £19.95 from Smile Makers.

The Mia 2 offers the typical lipstick vibrator shape; compact and discreet making it perfect for those on the go. In fact, this nifty vibe wouldn't look out of place on your bedside table, yet it really does pack a punch when it comes to powerful vibrations.

What do users say?

‘This is my go-to when I travel. It is very easy to charge. If treated with care Mia lasts a very long time. My first Mia lasted for 2 years. The one I replaced with this one lasted for 6 years. Mia is great for beginners and pro,’ wrote one Mia fan on the brand's website.

While another commented: ‘I got this a month ago and I loved it. The packaging is gorgeous, very discreet, and practical to take it anywhere. The levels of vibration are insane, fun, AND it's a great tool to use with your partner as well!’

Buy it for £79 from LELO.

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What are bullet vibrators and why are they so popular? The best bullet vibrators on the market Frenchie, The Petit Eifel, £ What do users say? Tango X, We-Vibe, £79 What do users say? Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator, Feel Unique, £95 What do users say? Ignite Bullet Vibrator, Lovehoney, £32.99 What do users say? 3-speed bullet vibrator, Ann Summers, £12 What do users say? The Surfer, Smile Makers, £19.95 What do users say? Mia 2, LELO, £69 What do users say?