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Apr 29, 2023

15 Best Cheap Vibrators, According to Sex Experts and Reviewers

By Suzannah Weiss Pleasure doesn't have to be expensive. There are lots of cheap

By Suzannah Weiss

Pleasure doesn't have to be expensive. There are lots of cheap vibrators that are high-quality and effective, making them great sex toys for beginners to experiment with.

"Vibrators allow an individual to learn what different sensations feel good for them, which ones are too overwhelming, and which ones don't do anything for them," says Jordan Soper CST, a board-certified psychologist and AASECT certified sex therapist based in Las Vegas, NV.

You can find plenty of cheap vibrators on Amazon and many of them are designed with motors that provide buzzing or rumbling sensations. You can also find quiet vibrators that feature suction technology (for those who enjoy more intense sensations). Plus, they’re not exclusive to the genitals; many people enjoy using them on other parts of the body, like the nipples. The only limitation is that you should not put a vibrator in your anus if it doesn't have a flared base, which ensures you'll be able to take it out, says Javay Frye-Nekrasova, certified sex educator based in Oregon. If you do use an anal toy, be sure to use anal lube.

Sexperts also recommend getting toys made of body-safe materials like silicone and avoiding toxic chemicals (phthalates) like those that may be found in jelly-based toys. However, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality when going with a cheaper vibe. Here, find 15 of the best safe and affordable vibrators to upgrade your sex life!

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"This is the perfect vibrator for beginners," says Lee Phillips, CST a couples therapist based in New York City. "This vibrator does not penetrate, it's used for external play. only" The nozzle at the top fits around the clitoris to create a powerful suction motion. Many say this vibrator is great for achieving quick, easy, and multiple orgasms.

Pro: 11 suction intensities Comfortable squishy head

Con: X Not good for penetration

People love this mini wand vibrator for its soft, flexible head and powerful vibrations, which come in six intensities and four patterns. "It's one of the quieter vibrators for those needing to be more discreet when practicing self-pleasure," says Jordan. Some people even like to use wands like these to massage sore muscles.

Pro: Waterproof An hour of run-time per charge

Con: X Reviewers say the buttons can be hard to figure out

This tiny toy packs a powerful punch, with three speeds, seven patterns, and a tapered tip for targeted clitoral stimulation, as well as flat sides for more spread-out sensations. "This vibrator is good for stimulating hard-to-reach spots," says Jordan. "It's both powerful and very discreet." Its small size also makes it a good option for traveling.

Pro: Quiet One simple button

Con: X Requires batteries

The two motors and tips of this toy are designed for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal pleasure, creating the possibility of a blended orgasm. "I recommend this for first-time users who want dual stimulation (both clitoral and vaginal)," says Holly Wood, a board-certified clinical sexologist. "It has 10 different vibration settings to start slow and work your way up. Its cordless, ultra-hygienic, and easy to clean, and the super flexible core of the toy means that it can bend and shape more easily to different body types," she adds.

Pro: Body-safe silicone Rechargeable

Con: X Some reviewers say it stopped charging on them

You're getting a big bang for your buck with this toy—no pun intended. "It's great for internal and external stimulation for the clitoris and the vagina," says Phillips. "It's a good toy because it's small, and it does not look overwhelming," she adds. Plus, the twistable bottom makes it easy to control the speed.

Pro: Angled tip for targeted stimulation Waterproof

Con: X Requires batteries

By Kara Nesvig

By Ashleigh Carter

By Vandana Pawa

This small, battery-operated vibrator comes in three cool colors—purple, pink, and green—and looks like it could be a lipstick tube. "It's a discreet and quiet vibrator," says Phillips. "It has a slick and simple design and multi-speeds." All you have to do is twist the cap at the bottom and enjoy the powerful vibrations.

Pro: Waterproof Discreet packaging

Con: X Just 4.75 inches long and one inch wide

"The ROMP Juke Rechargeable Vibrator Cock Ring is for folks looking for some vibration on the penis," says Javya. If you have a penis, you can use it to enhance masturbation or wear it during intercourse to provide clitoral stimulation to your partner. Those with vulvas can also use this as a clitoral toy by holding the band and letting the top vibrate on the clitoris.

Pro: Six speeds and four patterns Waterproof

Con: X Some reviewers say it feels tight

This toy has an average of five stars in its Amazon reviews. "It makes sense with the convenient ergonomic handle, body-safe silicone material, versatile size and shape, many different vibration patterns and intensities, and the fact that it's waterproof," says Heather Shannon, LCPC, a certified sex therapist. It can be used internally or externally and is especially shaped for G-spot stimulation.

Pro: 10 vibration modes 7 inches long

Con: X Lack of soft vibration option

By Kara Nesvig

By Ashleigh Carter

By Vandana Pawa

This simple, minimalistic vibrator is surprisingly versatile. The flat and rounded ends provide different textures, and you can use it anywhere on the body. "Something basic with a high-end feel would be a nice pick for a first toy," says Aliyah Moore, a certified sex therapist. "Some may object to this vibe's basic design approach and lack of accessories, but it's ideal for first-timers who may be overwhelmed by too complex gadgets. The Maude has powerful vibrations and a delicate tip, so it can offer intense sensations while being mild enough for those who are especially sensitive."

Pro: Easy controls Three speeds

Con: X Some reviewers say the charge did not last long

Javay recommends this to those with penises who are starting to experiment with sex toys. "It's a reusable stroker, so it won't be a one-time use; it will get you through for many times to come (pun intended)," she says. "The design also makes it easy to clean to use again."

Pro: Body-safe material 7.5 inches deep

Con: X Users note it can be noisy

This no-frills 6.5-inch vibrator has a tapered tip for targeted stimulation, and the ridges down the shaft add a cool texture. "This toy is recommended because it's versatile, waterproof, and easy to handle both vaginally and anally," says Phillips. "It has a smooth tip, and a fun metallic color. It's not intimidating to users."

Pro: Easy-to-use twisty bottom to control speed Waterproof

Con: X Batteries not included

By Kara Nesvig

By Ashleigh Carter

By Vandana Pawa

This cute little vibrator takes the flirty shape of the eggplant emoji, with the "leaves" form a twistable handle that controls the vibration intensity. This pick is "great for someone who wants something cute and non-intimidating," says Holly. While the most well-known version of this is the eggplant, you can also get it in the shape of a chili paper, banana, cherry, strawberry, or pickle!

Pro: 10 vibration settings Waterproof

Con: X Requires batteries

"I recommend this for folks who enjoy the sensation of oral stimulation," says Holly. "It has 10 different vibration settings and combines vibration with a fluttering tongue to mimic the sensation of oral pleasure from a partner by gently stimulating the clitoris." And if you haven't received oral sex before, this can help you get accustomed to the sensation.

Pro: Body-safe silicone USB chargeable for up to an hour and a half of use

Con: X Tongue flicker doesn't work well for everyone

Another great pick from Maude, this toy is elegant, versatile, and easy to use. "It's made from silicone and can be used to stimulate the clitoris and other external parts of the body," says Rhiannon John, a sexologist at BedBible. "It's also fairly small, making it super discreet."

Pro: fits in your palm blinks when the battery is low

Con: X not for internal use

By Kara Nesvig

By Ashleigh Carter

By Vandana Pawa

This vibrator's slim, curved shape makes it ideal for those who are first starting to explore penetration. "The Lovehoney G-Slim G-Spot Vibrator is a great vibrator for direct G-spot stimulation," says Javya. "The design makes it easy to hold and use, and the power is just right for maximum pleasure."

Pro: 3 speeds and 4 patterns Discreet packaging

Con: X Lack of girth

By Lauren Harano

By Shauna Beni-Haynes

By Donya Momenian

By Teen Vogue Style Team

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