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May 09, 2023

11 Best Butterfly Vibrators

We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products

We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Promise.

For when you’re in the mood to just wing it. 😉

Even if you're not a pro when it comes to sex toys, there's a good chance you've heard of the tried-and-true rabbit vibrator. However! You maaaay not be as familiar with the rabbit vibe's cousin, the butterfly vibrator. Similar to a rabbit, a butterfly sex toy uses its clitoral-tickling antennae and wide-reaching wings to stimulate your whole clitoris, and tbh, it doesn't get nearly enough attention. Most butterfly vibrators can even be used hands-free, with many including insertable vibrators for internal stim or remotes for partner play. No matter your preference, we're here to show ya the very best butterfly-style clitoral vibes out there.

According to Gigi Engle, ACS, certified sexologist, and author of All the F*cking Mistakes, you'll wanna steer clear of butterfly toys made with PVC, as those tend to be more porous and pretty much impossible to fully sanitize (not to mention, they may contain toxic chemicals called phthalates). Instead, Engle suggests looking for vibes "made from body-safe or medical-grade silicone," which work great with water-based lubes. Butterfly sex toys made with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) or ABS plastic are also a safe choice, and here are just a few of our faves.

Ahead, read on to see the best butterfly vibrators out there, whether you're into subtle, rumbly vibes or seriously toe-curling stimulation.

Lots of companies have tried to recreate this compact lil gizmo, but there is only one original, and this is it. The OG Butterfly Kiss is made with soft, flexible thermoplastic rubber, and it features a smooth shaft, bud-shaped tip, and fluttering butterfly wings to tease your clitoris. And though it's battery-operated, it has three powerful speeds and is totally waterproof—plus, it's so damn affordable.

THE REVIEWS: "This is my girlfriend's favorite toy and our go-to for the best time," writes one tester. "The insertion end curves up just right and just far enough to rock back and forth on the G-spot, while the vibrating butterfly rocks her clit. We like the simplicity of the three speeds, though I am aware other people prefer a breadth of vibration patterns. Is it a battery-burner? Sure. But that's a good sign."

If you'd prefer not to keep your drawer stocked with AAA batteries, then you can always upgrade to the rechargeable version of the Butterfly Kiss. Made with silky silicone, this bb looks just like the original, except it boasts dual motors, 10 vibration functions, a larger size, and a more bulbous tip.

THE REVIEWS: "So soft and sexy, yet powerful enough to tickle you to ecstasy," one review reads. "I love this toy—it is one of my favorites."

Similar in appearance to a traditional rabbit vibe, this silicone stunner is designed to spread good vibes across the entire clit with its cute butterfly wings. It's got dual motors, 10 speeds, and a curved shaft that's designed for A+ internal stim. Pls note that this one is only splash-proof, not waterproof, so it shouldn't be fully submerged in water, k?

THE REVIEWS: According to one buyer, "First time using a vibrator and my girlfriend loved it."

Are thrusting vibes your kinda thing? Then you should turn your attention to this handheld toy, which is made with thermoplastic rubber and features a shaft that simultaneously rotates and thrusts (!!), as well as a clitoral-teasing butterfly. Though it's battery-operated, it comes equipped with six speeds and six vibe modes—not to mention that it's fully waterproof AND glows in the dark.

THE REVIEWS: "I love my Firefly glow-in-the-dark vibe so much!" says one customer. "It has so many delicious settings and it's easy to put in the batteries and work. I'm actually thinking of buying a second one as a back-up...I wouldn't want to be without this Firefly favorite."

Another classic in the world of butterfly toys, this wearable panty vibe has been copied by many, but the OG belongs to CalExotics. Complete with a contoured butterfly tickler, adjustable straps, and a multi-speed vibrating bullet, this cute device provides pinpoint stimulation on your clit with the help of its handheld controller. Is it cutting-edge? Lol, no. But it's ridiculously affordable and DEF gets the job done.

THE REVIEWS: "I absolutely love the Original Venus Butterfly!" one review reads. "It's not the highest quality, but for the price, it rocks... Even on the lowest setting, I think it's pretty powerful. In my opinion, it is just perfect."

And if you'd rather not have a remote that's attached to you by a wire, then you can opt for this wireless version of the Venus Butterfly. Like the OG, this toy is fully waterproof, battery-operated, and made with thermoplastic rubber, but rather than being paired with a wired egg vibe, this device is controlled with just the touch of a button.

THE REVIEWS: As one tester says, "This unit fits nicely where it's supposed to, and the elastics stretch enough that it will fit a larger lady as well. The vibe is gentle, slowly coaxing you higher and higher. A great toy to wear for a nice long teasing session."

Lovers of hands-free sex toys should give this insertable butterfly vibrator a whirl. Complete with dual motors that operate independently and a wireless remote, this precious vibe features a girthy silicone shaft and wide-reaching wings designed to stimulate lateral clitoral nerve endings, as well as clit-tickling antennae. It's rechargeable and waterproof, and you'll have a blast experimenting with the eight shaft functions and eight butterfly speeds.

THE REVIEWS: "This toy hits all the right spots," writes one reviewer. "The remote is easy to use and convenient. Very comfortable and fun. Try giving your partner the remote for some fun playtime."

Similar to the Butterfly Effect, this remote-control vibe from CalExotics has a simple, strap-free design comprised of a flexible shaft, intimately contoured butterfly wings, and teasing antennae that feel like rabbit ears. In addition to being waterproof and rechargeable, it's got 12 intense vibration and pulsation functions, as well as a wireless remote that can be used from over 30 feet away.

THE REVIEWS: "I wish it didn't take so long to charge, [but] aside from that, it's a godsend," one buyer raves. "The little tip pieces are easy to adjust and feel amazing. It's gotten me to orgasm a lot and in short amounts of time, which I haven't had much luck doing using anything else. Also the little ripples at the top hit the sweet spot of the clit."

Yet another remote-operated wearable, this strap-on butterfly toy includes a girthy silicone penetrator and soft butterfly stimulator with fluttering wings. It's got 12 vibe modes and a curved tip that delivers back-and-forth rocking motions (which feels like the "come hither" movement of a finger), and like all the best sex toys, it's rechargeable and waterproof.

THE REVIEWS: "This is a great product," one tester notes. "I love the remote, and the power on this cannot be overstated. She's so cute, too—I love her. Best purchase in years."

On the hunt for a cute lil finger vibe? This bb is calling your name. Featuring 10 rumbly modes of vibration, this tiny silicone toy is powered by a removable bullet vibe inserted through a silky silicone sleeve, and it can be used to tease ALL sorts of erogenous zones, from the clit to the nipples to the tip of a penis. And yep, she's both rechargeable and waterproof.

THE REVIEWS: According to one review, "It is great to use alone or with a partner. I definitely love it! I do recommend it!"

If you have a wand vibe, then you need to check out this handy butterfly wand attachment. Made with flexible silicone to slip right over your wand vibrator, this cute accessory boasts textured nubs, wide-reaching wings, and curved antennae that'll give ya enhanced clitoral stimulation when you switch on your wand.

THE REVIEWS: "I love the design of this attachment," writes one buyer. "The wings flutter against your most intimate parts, which provides the most amazing and intense sensations. Alongside this, the attachment also has raised nodules and little antennae, which hit the spot also! Overall, this toy is perfectly designed and it adds to the intensity of the buzz of your wand."

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