Syntegon offers Interpack debut for latest SVX vertical form fill and seal series


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Jun 17, 2023

Syntegon offers Interpack debut for latest SVX vertical form fill and seal series

Posted: 8 May 2023 Related core topics: Business news, Processing,

Posted: 8 May 2023

Related core topics: Business news, Processing, Sustainability

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Germany's Syntegon has unveiled what it has hailed as ‘a landmark innovation’ for high-speed vertical bagging in presenting its new SVX vertical form, fill and seal series which it has launched at Interpack in several key variants, writes Neill Barston.

Confectionery Production attended the press launch as it exhibited at Hall 6, booth A31, in which a broad spectrum of its technology for the food and drink sector, including confectionery was on show.

"The new VFFS machine series combines high pack style flexibility with intuitive functionalities, giving frozen food, bakery, confectionery, and snacks producers a leg up on competition," says Martin Boutkan, product manager at Syntegon. "Thanks to a wealth of easy upgrade options and access to Syntegon's digital services, the SVX series helps customers keep up with market trends while running stable processes at all times." State-of-the-art monitoring via the cloud-based solution Synexio allows to optimize production, while Syntegon's value-packed Service Agreements ensure maximum uptime and performance, including maintenance, parts management, and tailored training packages.

At its booth, Syntegon is this week continuing to present two SVX variants, which will be launched this year along two other SVX models: during live demonstrations, visitors can experience the new technology firsthand. The SVX Agile forms the basis for all single tube applications. The machine covers all basic tubular bag styles and can be upgraded with modules for corner sealed bags, 3-sided seal bags, doy-style, and doy zip bags. In contrast, the SVX Duplex features two film lanes on the same 1,220 mm wide frame, leading to higher output rates for basic bag styles such as pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags.

The core innovation of all SVX variants is a cross-seal drive consisting of four independently controlled servo motors. The optimized solution, which currently has pending patents, gives manufacturers full control over the vertical and horizontal movement, ensuring reliable seals. Thanks to a combination of four motors and low inertia, the drive contributes to achieving highest outputs. "Customers are always looking for solutions that can produce reliably tight cross seals for added product safety. The SVX makes sure this is the case without compromising on speed. Depending on the bag parameters as well as the dosing of the product, the SVX Agile achieves outputs of up to 300 bags per minute with one film lane," Martin Boutkan explains.

When it comes to bag sizes, the SVX considerably extends the range compared to previous machines: The novel series can produce bags that are up to 400 millimeters wide – providing full flexibility for both bag sizes and styles. "If brand owners want to extend their portfolio to bigger bags, they don't have to acquire another machine. The SVX is a future-proof solution that can handle the full bag range of different VFFS industries," Boutkan points out.

In terms of design and overall aesthetics, the SVX series also stands out: a front cylinder with curved sliding doors redefines machine manipulation and ease of access. Upon opening, the doors relocate to the back part of the cylinder, making sure they do not obstruct operators during the daily work. Moreover, the easily accessible film lane behind the cylinder offers enough space to install two printers.

Good accessibility is a key characteristic of the control unit as well: the central cabinet with latest Beckhoff technology does not contain any mechanical components and can easily be reached from both sides. The lack of side doors further allows operators to carry out safe, on-the-fly adjustments on printers without stopping the machine.

"Customers continuously seek to maximise uptime and optimal performance of their packaging lines. Maintenance plays an important part in this regard, which is why we have designed the new SVX series as an easy to operate, reliable and robust system," Boutkan explains.