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Dec 27, 2023

Mespack & Dow to develop fully recyclable flexible packaging

09-Sep-2019 - Last

09-Sep-2019 - Last updated on 09-Sep-2019 at 09:45 GMT

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The partnership will see the development and commercialization of pouches made of mono-material films, permitting converters and brand owners to meet their sustainability commitments of increasing recyclability of flexible packaging.

"It is important to Mespack that we support our customers in the adoption of recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials to the flexible packaging industry, which is why we are excited about this collaboration​," said Guillem Clofent, MD, Mespack.

"Mespack has a strong drive to reverse the environmental impact plastics and other non-biodegradable materials have on our planet. By partnering with Dow, Menshen, Velcro and Venvirotech we hope to create a revolution in packaging sustainability​."

With 86 billion stand-up pouches produced every year, this recyclable flexible packaging product is an on-trend, customer-driven innovation that will play a key role in the circular economy.

The technology map for the recyclable pouch covers applications from baby food, condiments, detergents, shampoos, body lotions and more.

Dow will showcase Mespack's horizontal form fill seal machine at its Freeport, Texas, US location of Pack Studios, where the line will accelerate and support projects for recyclable stand-up pouches with customers and brand owners in North America.

Dow Pack Studios brings together quipment manufacturers, packaging designers and prototyping specialists to quickly and efficiently drive the commercialization of new and improved packaging innovations.

Mespack's 180 FE horizontal form fill seal machine will be installed at the Freeport Pack Studio in the first quarter of 2020, where it will be ready to test customer film and showcase the packaging.

"With the appropriate engineering, our installed base of equipment can be retrofitted to utilize this new recyclable material,​" added Santi Alberich, marketing manager, Mespack.

Mespack's 180 FE form fill seal machine will be on display at Pack Expo in Las Vegas from September 23-25. Demonstrations and more information will be available throughout the show, and after the show at Dow Pack Studios in Freeport, Texas, US, and Mespack's facilities in Barcelona, Spain.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Mespack has a broad portfolio of products that specialize in forming, filling and sealing sachets, sticks, pouches and other film-based packaging.

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