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Dec 07, 2023

M&S launch new collection of cleaning products

After launching its biggest homecare range to date, shoppers are going wild for

After launching its biggest homecare range to date, shoppers are going wild for a M&S laundry liquid and conditioner that smells like Bergamote 22 and Rose 31 from Le Labo - thanks to a TikTok star

Earlier this month, Marks and Spencer launched the biggest ever M&S homecare range that's ‘no marks and all sparkle’! From cleaning to laundry, and everything else in between, there's no dirt, stain or mark the 60-strong range won't remove. It's also the most high-powered, efficient cleaning range ever!

But one product that's been sending shoppers into a frenzy is none other than the laundry liquid and fabric softener - as it smells just like Le Labo's Bergamote 22, which also has similar woody-inspired notes.

One TikTok star, Laura Capon - who has over 65,000 followers on the social media site, raved about the under £6 products that will make you ‘just smell rich. You, you and your clothes will smell warm and rich’.

This plant based fabric conditioner is made with indulgent essential oils and our sandalwood and rose scent, with easy-iron technology, that softens clothes and reduces static cling!


Opening up the bottle of Sandalwood and Bergamot laundry liquid, Laura let her nose do the talking.

She also smelt the Sandalwood and Rose Fabric Conditioner, priced at £3.50 and said "I don't normally like rose but oh my God, I actually prefer this one. Honestly, this could be La Labo perfume. I feel like we all just need to get to M&S immediately to get our hands on this."

It could also be compared to Le Labo Rose 31 which has notes of warm and spicy cedar - and both fragrances retail for an eye-watering £216 for 100ml. Consider this the perfect dupe...

Best of all? The M&S laundry liquids and conditioners have been developed with quick wash cycles and low temperature washes in mind, meaning you can wash using up to 60% less energy but still get high performance cleaning - how good is that?

M&S said around the latest launch of cleaning products that ‘bespoke fragrances that have been blended in top perfume houses’ - and we wouldn't expect anything less from our favourite high street supermarket!

The cleaning products and laundry items have also got up to 10 essential oils to create signature fragrances that harmonise together - think zen-like spa meets high performance cleaning!

Formulated for everyone, these items are perfect for families, with a range of products with antibacterial and antiviral ingredients to keep homes clean, free of germs and smelling brilliant too.

And for those with sensitive skin, look out for seven products without fragrance and enzymes, all endorsed by Allergy UK!

Now if you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect gift for someone who's recently moved into a new home, then they might love the Happy Home Hamper, priced at £100.

This stylish wicker laundry basket is filled with treats for them to enjoy, including prosecco, chocolates and shortbread thins. There are also useful household staples including the new washing up liquid and cleaning spray to keep their new home sparkling. A diffuser from the M&S Apothecary range will gently scent their living space!

What do you think? Are you keen to run down to your nearest M&S to has a whiff of these new products yourself? Or have you already used some of the cleaning products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.