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Aug 16, 2023

IMA Coffee Launches SYNKRO, High

Catering to the coffee capsule industry's continual need for improved solutions

Catering to the coffee capsule industry's continual need for improved solutions and top quality, IMA Coffee has launched SYNKRO, a new machine that provides enhanced capabilities and better performance in pod filling and sealing. By following the trends closely and raising the technological level of the equipment, IMA enables customers to achieve their targets and respond to the market's evolving demands.

Flexibility, speed, clean design

SYNKRO implements the latest technologies to deliver the following key benefits: high-speed performance, space-efficient design, and unprecedented flexibility in handling all types of capsules, whatever they are made of.

The machine is designed to be compact and provide easy access for maintenance or cleaning. Its pull-out dosing unit can be cleaned quickly whenever needed. The machine's footprint is relatively small for the high processing speeds that are reached, which range from 800 to 1,200 ppm.

SYNKRO is probably the most versatile, high-speed capsule filling and sealing machine available today. Thanks especially to magnetic shuttles operating independently of one another, SYNKRO can adapt to any need. Whether capsules are bulk fed, on trays, or in stacks, and whatever their material or size, this machine can handle them all.

The most significant aspect of the machine's flexibility depends on the different dwell times that are achieved at the different operating stations. This enables the customer to set perfect parameters according to any specific production scenario, adjusting each single operation and optimizing the final product quality. For example, the sealing system parameters — time and pressure — can be changed according to the material to be sealed. Moreover, SYNKRO can be fitted with a variety of different sealing systems, allowing customers to select the most appropriate solution based on materials used and the product they are processing.

Automated, precise processing

Cutting-edge automation technologies combined with the clean design of SYNKRO allow for non-stop production. Both semi- and fully automatic reel-feeding are possible. The machine is pre-arranged to connect to loading systems via AMR (autonomous mobile robot), and it also features an automatic reel-splicing system.

SYNKRO also benefits from an innovative dosing unit that implements pre-compression to compact the coffee during capsule filling to ensure a homogeneous product. This guarantees consistent dosing throughout each batch. Accurate weight is easy to achieve, thanks also to the on-line weighing system, which checks each capsule and feeds data back to the dosing unit if automatic adjustments are required. Finally, the dosing unit's off-set design minimizes the distance between capsules for important savings on packaging material.

Increase market opportunities

SYNKRO has been developed to boost the capsule filling and sealing potential of companies looking to reach higher targets and exploit the variety of demands placed on coffee capsule producers in today's market. Many factors combine to make SYNKRO the superior solution: independent magnetic shuttle transfer; synchronized processing, which can be adjusted time after time; automation systems; innovative mechanisms to ensure reliably consistent quality; and a clean, modular design concept.

Flexibility, speed, clean design Automated, precise processing Increase market opportunities SYNKRO